Health, Safety & Environment

At QER sustainable development means transforming energy resources into quality products in a way that delivers environmental, economic and social well-being for today and tomorrow.

QER’s commitment to sustainable development embodies a number of fundamental principles that must be progressively demonstrated to our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate. These principles are:  

  • Health and Safety – our priority is to make sure that eveyone goes home safely at the end of every day
  • Economic responsibility – value for shareholders and our employees, as well as the community
  • Environmental responsibility – minimising the environmental impacts during all stages of mining and processing to meet regulatory standards and community expectations and therefore earn respect from our stakeholders and others
  • Public accountability – developing resources with public consent. This will allow QER to earn and maintain a social license to operate
  • Community engagement – building strong and enduring relationships through shared objectives and partnerships
  • Resource and product stewardship – using resources wisely and efficiently to maximise benefits to current and future generations.

    Regenerated land on the Stuart Deposit