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Fire up the Planning

Fire up the Planning

Recently we carried out a carefully controlled hazard reduction burn at our Yarwun site. Hazard reduction burning helps reduce the risk of potentially damaging,  uncontrolled summer wildfires.

Managing a controlled burn is a science and an art, requiring meticulous planning and careful management. Winds, temperature fuel loads and terrain all need to be carefully factored-in.

As always we looked locally first for expertise and support. We engaged Barry, Pat and their team at Emergency Response Readiness and Recovery Consultancy (ERRRC) as well as staff from Gidarjil’s Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger program.

The whole team’s effort was extremely professional. ERRRC’s 230+ years of combined fire service experience in the QFRS was evident  in the planning and the execution, backed up by the local indigenous knowledge of the Gidarjil Rangers, and the site knowledge of the QER staff. Nothing was left to chance.

We have all seen how devastating uncontrolled bushfires can be and we are very pleased to have safely reduced the risk at our site.

I would like to thank Barry, Pat and the ERRRC team, the Gidarjil rangers and our own QER staff for their safety focus, a great display of teamwork, and a job well-done.

ERRC can be contacted on 0439780818 and Gidarjil Rangers on 07 49728646