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Gladstone Punches Above its Weight… Again

Gladstone Punches Above its Weight… Again

Last week I attended Gladstone Engineering Alliance’s annual conference with Peter Zambelli, QER’s General Manager. We also
attended the Gala dinner at which the achievements of so many hard working and innovative people involved in the Gladstone Engineering sector were celebrated.

I’ve got to say the organisation, speakers, venue, food and even the local band at the dinner were fantastic. Gladstone really punches above its weight in that sort of thing – as it does in terms of it’s economic contribution to Queensland
and to Australia.

Peter addressed the conference on behalf of QER. He reflected on the fact that most of us who live in developed countries have been lucky enough to grow up with easy access to clean water, sanitation, a variety of types of clean fresh food, protection from extremes of heat and cold, protection from violence and anarchy. We have affordable access to great medical care. With the flick of a switch, we can light up the night, get our clothes washed and our food cooked.

He said that we sometimes forget that most of the worlds population cannot take any of those things for granted. Cement, steel, aluminium, chemicals and reliable, affordable energy are the building blocks of our safe and comfortable modern life. He said that as the producer of those building blocks, Gladstone can be justifiably proud of our contribution to sustaining the quality of life that all Australians and many other people around the world can enjoy.

He talked about how reliable, affordable transport fuel is one of those building blocks – used to power agriculture, mining, tourism construction and many other industries and to stock our supermarket shelves and deliver just about everything we use. He explained how QER is working
to help offset the transport fuel imports that Australia now relies on through the development of a sustainable kerogen based fuels industry.
It was a very informative and enjoyable conference and we’d like to thank Carey, Chantale, all the speakers and all those who helped make it such a great success. We’re already looking forward to next year!