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Street Science

Street Science

Isn’t it amazing how, over time, humans have been able to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems. Very often, underlying these solutions, is science. Science is really just a way to understand the world we live in through systematic observations and experiments.

We mightn’t think about science much on a day to day basis, but we know it quietly underlies just about everything we do. These days the world has plenty of issues to resolve, and they are very different issues to those our forefathers faced. Sometimes they seem daunting, but we know that science has the promise to help us find a way forward.

Here at QER, you can probably tell we are big fans of good science. We have always relied heavily on it to help us improve process efficiency and performance – operational performance, environmental performance and economic performance.

One of the principles of science is that with an open mind, we can always keep learning more – and here in Gladstone, we’re about to get that opportunity! As part of The World Science Festival Brisbane 2018, the Street Science Show is coming to Gladstone. It’s a great chance to get involved, immerse the kids in the fun, and learn more about all sorts of different aspects of science. If the events help inspire our future scientists to adopt this as a profession, then I reckon they are in for a fascinating, challenging and rewarding career.

If you would like to get involved in the Street Science Show, sessions are being held at the Gladstone Entertainment Centre on Saturday 3rd March and admission is free. For further information go to the Gladstone Entertainment Centre website.

Science image designed by Freepik (www.freepik.com)