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Working without a net?

Working without a net?

QER’s main purpose in life is to make sure Australians continue to have access to reliable, affordable transport fuel into the future.

There is understandably a lot of buzz about how energy will transform into the future with the development and implementation of many new and emerging technologies. 

Amid all the excitement, it’s important to recognize the need to maintain reliable, affordable transport fuel to support our economy and our quality of life. 

You might have seen on the news that Lebanon is recently in the midst of chaos due to a chronic fuel shortage. 

The crisis has resulted in blackouts, disruption to goods and services, rioting in the streets and tragedy as 28 people were killed in an explosion as they tried to take fuel from a tanker.  

Covid has shown us how fragile our global supply lines can be. This year we’ve seen two of Australia’s last four fuel refineries announce their closure.

QER’s kerogen fuel project has the potential to provide a safe, onshore, reliable and affordable long-term backup for Australia’s fuel supplies. Kind of a safety net and yet another way in which Gladstone will play a vital role in Australia’s energy future.