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Learn, Learn, Learn

Learn, Learn, Learn

As soon as we are born, we start learning. We learn to crawl, walk, eat solids and the reactions that a smile or cry can make.

As our life continues, we go to school, University, and continue our learning in the workplace.

We find hobbies that we are interested in. I have been trying to learn French online so as I can speak basic French. I still have a long way to go but am enjoying the challenge. I also have two colleagues that went to an art class together and found that they had an interest in drawing and a talent for it.

As we all know, it is important for us to learn to enable growth and to maintain a healthy mindset.

Here at QER we continue to strive to learn. Although we know a lot about our kerogen shale, there is still plenty we can learn about its characteristics and the differences between sites.

Items like how can we remove the moisture more efficiently? Does using a different crushing method change how much fine material is produced? Does the moisture content of the shale change the strength of a briquette? Can we reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by heating the shale at a different rate?

These are just a few of the characteristics we strive to learn in our bid to develop a world class Kerogen Shale to Liquids Facility right here in Gladstone.