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QER’s “Fuel For Thought” Column

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Building a Future Together

September 2020

QER’s fortnightly Fuel for Thought’ column previously published in Saturday’s Gladstone Observer newspaper, delivering updates on the project and providing a context for our demonstration plant project.

Building a Future Together...

September 2020

The Importance of Drilling Down

October 2020

The Challenge of Making a Comeback

November 2020

Towards Reconciliation

June 2020

Cheeky Wombat Grin?

May 2020

The Future of Oil

April 2020

This is a Test

April 2020

Sparking Imagination

March 2020

Restore More

March 2020

Back to the Future

February 2020

Goodwill to all

January 2020

The Year that Was

December 2019

One for the holidays

December 2019

This too shall pass...

November 2019

GEA Annual Conference

October 2019

Commitment, Energy and Innovation

October 2019

The Art of Industry

September 2019

The Art of Community

September 2019

Big Shoes...

August 2019


August 2019

Changing of the Guard

July 2019

The Joy of Something New

June 2019

Expect the Unexpected

May 2019

Living Safety

April 2019

When Being Dense...

March 2019

Being Prepared

February 2019

Mapping out a plan

January 2019