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Running on Reserve

Running on Reserve

I’m a classic motorbike fan, and one of the features I like about bikes is the reserve fuel tank which most have. It’s maybe not the most sexy feature on a bike, but it’s always there as a backup and has saved me from many a long, hot walk.

I think Queensland’s kerogen resources are a bit like Australia’s reserve tank. While fuel imposts are available, we don’t even think about it much. But most of us would feel better knowing we have a backup for the fuel supplies that keep goods on our supermarket shelves and keep our industries going. QER is workiing to make sure there will be a reserve available when we need it. That means continuing to develop and refine the technologies that enable us to produce fuel from kerogen shale with the smallest possible environment footprint.

We’ve proven it at demonstration scale. The key now to making that reserve tank available for Australia’s future is to build a sustainable, commercial-scale kerogen fuels plant, producing retail quality ultra-low Sulphur diesel.

That project will unlock a significant Queensland resource. It will give the community, the Government and investors the confidence to support a future industry. An industry with the potential to shore-up access to affordable fuel for a long time to come, employ thousands of Australians and create prosperity for our region in the process.