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The Trials and the Blessings of Life

The Trials and the Blessings of Life

It’s not very long since we were talking about the devastating impacts of drought and fires in this column. Now our friends and families to the North are grappling with the consequences of flooding.

The floods are yet another reminder of the all-too-fragile road supply network on which our regional towns and cities depend, something about which we’ve often discussed in this column.

It’s also a reminder of the goodness in people, as communities rally to support those affected.

I also think it’s an opportunity for reflection for all of us. The other night on the news, a woman whose house had been flooded spoke with the courage we’ve almost come to take for granted in our resilient communities. Despite having lost everything to floodwaters, she calmly expressed her gratitude for the help and support that the emergency services folk and the rest of the community had given her family. She was also genuinely grateful that she and her family were safe. She said what we all know, but don’t often think about: things can be replaced, but people can’t.

In the busy routines of daily life, sometimes we forget what’s really impostant: making time to spend with the people we love; appreciating the beauty of nature around us; and being grateful for the miracle of the every-day.

Our thoughts are with those affected by the floods, especially those who have lost their homes. For information on how you can help through The Australian Red Cross Society, UnitingCare, Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland and GIVIT, please visit www.qld.gov.au/emergency/emergencies-services/help-disaster.