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Happy 2023!

Happy 2023!

Apparently, the practice of celebrating New Year on 1st January started around 46BC when Julius Caesar introduced the solar calendar. “January” was named after Janus – the god of gateways and new beginnings – who had one face that looked forward and the other that looked back.

There’s something special about New Year. We reflect on the year we’ve had – the things that went well – and those that didn’t. We think about the possibilities offered by a fresh, new year. And the more organized among us even start to make plans for the year!

Life is pretty short and New Year gives us the chance to make sure we are on a good path, creating the life we really want and kicking the right goals.

2022 was a good year at QER. We’ve gotten through it safely. We’ve achieved some great results with our R&D program. We’ve hosted many visitors (over 400 at last count) many of whom were very excited and supportive of our project. We participated in Gladstone Ecofest, sponsored the Harbour Festival and contributed to many local community groups.

In 2022 we’ve seen what can happen when war disrupts the world’s energy supply. That makes us even more committed to QER’s mission to help strengthen Australia’s fuel resilience to protect our quality of life.

We want to thank you for your support in 2022 and we look forward to continuing to work with the Gladstone community in ’23. From all of us at QER Happy New Year and we hope that 2023 is a great year for you and your family.