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Happy New Year from QER

Happy New Year from QER

It’s that time of year again where we revive our New Year traditions. There are some pretty interesting ones around the world.

Greek people hang onions over the doors for good luck. In Denmark they smash plates and throw them in front of the neighbours’ houses. They also leap off chairs at midnight to escape the demons of the past. (Not recommended by the Health and Safety people.)

Kissing at midnight is an old German tradition. Belgian farmers wish their cows Happy New Year. I’m not sure if they kiss the cows… (also not recommended).

I many countries, it’s New Year Resolutions: committing to something to improve ourselves or make a difference. At QER, our resolution for 2024 is to continue to improve the energy efficiency, economics and environmental footprint of our process. We’ve made some great progress over the last couple of years and have some new ideas to pursue this year in our Gladstone lab.

No doubt you have your own resolutions. Whatever they are, from all of us here at QER, we wish you a very happy and memorable year in 2024.