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Inspect-a-gadget buys local…

Inspect-a-gadget buys local…

We have been carrying out lab trials over the last few weeks to test different process conditions which will help to maximise the energy efficiency of QER’s oil production process and minimise emissions.

In order to carry out the trials, we designed and commissioned manufacture of new “mini-retorts” which allow us to safely test the oil production process under a wide range of conditions.

Of course, when it came to manufacturing the equipment, our first move was to look local. In our experience, we can get most of what we need in Gladstone (but occasionally we have to venture further afield!).

We developed a special stainless steel version and two aluminium versions. We’ve put the new equipment through its paces and it performed brilliantly.

Thanks to Steve Bond of Bond Engineering and Inspection Services for listening to our needs and coming up with a clever design, Greg Upton and team at Upton Engineering, Brett Reynolds of Ingot Foundry Marine Engineering and Dave McKay at Jenmick Gear Cutting & Engineering.

How lucky we are to have this depth of talent right here on our doorstep!