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State of Origin Reflections

State of Origin Reflections

I thought our State of Origin players did themselves proud on Sunday night, despite the criticisms of a few armchair commentators. Of course there were a couple of brain snaps – but that’s to be expected in such a pressure situation. The most challenging part of it now is having to deal with the smug look on the face of QER’s site supervisor (who hails from just south of the border). Hopefully we can sort that out by Game 3.

Somewhere in the middle of the game, maybe when the lightning quick Kayln Ponga came on to replace the mountainous Jarrod Wallace, I got to reflecting on how such different players – in different positions on the field – all play their part. Some bring strength and endurance; others explosive power; others speed and evasiveness; others tactical precision.

It’s a bit like when people ask me why QER is developing a new source of diesel – when the future seems to be more about other new fuels – hydrogen, biofuels, gas, solar powered electric cars and so on. There’s no doubt Australia’s future transport fuel mix will be – in fact, must be – quite different from now. However different fuels will each play their part and will bring different strengths to the mix.

Around cities, for example, we will likely see more electric cars and hybrids. They are ideally suited to short range, light use applications. Gas powered trucks and buses are also good for short haul and medium to light duty applications.

However diesel is very safe, energy-dense fuel, very well suited to heavy transport tasks – carrying food and goods long distances to the store shelves in regional communities; and high torque applications like mining; agriculture; construction and tourism (such as coaches and boats).
Kerogen shale can be a high-volume source of Australian-made diesel, creating jobs and revenue right here, while helping to secure a safe,
on-shore fuel supply.

So it seems on reflection that QER is really part of the forward pack… quiet and unassuming; not as flamboyant or exciting as some of those new fuels that get all the press; but in the future, potentially playing a vital role in connecting our communities and powering the industries that are the backbone of our State.