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The Art of Industry

The Art of Industry

In the last “Fuel for Thought” I reflected on the amazing artistic talent that is a vibrant part of our community. I’ve since been thinking about the art and craft of our own team here at QER and the range of skills that never ceases to amaze me.

Like maintaining the Storey Bridge, keeping our plant in good condition is an on-going labour of love. It’s a running battle with the elements as the salty air tries to chip away at the plant structures. Fortunately our own formidable crew is more than up to the challenge. We’ve been tied up with other things over the last couple of months, but the team are back on the job now.

Col Johnson has been systematically servicing the many valves around the plant, while Rob Brodie has drawn on his spray painting trade to get the plant looking like new. It’s meticulous work, and Rob’s dedication and perfectionism come to the fore. All this under the watchful gaze of Site Supervisor Paul Miller. I’m told Paul might be good on the mine machinery but Rob won’t let him touch the spray gun lest the job isn’t up to Rob’s standards.

Keeping the plant in good nick may be painstaking work, but you’ve got to admit from the photo above, the view makes it all worthwhile.

If you wanted to check out the view yourself, or the guys handywork or just learn more about how QER’s technology turns rock into transport fuel, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to arrange a tour, or drop into our visitors centre on week days. You’d be very welcome.