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The Power of Focus…

The Power of Focus…

While QER is not a big organization, we are committed to meeting and exceeding the same high standards as any mine or industrial facility in Queensland. We have a great safety system and culture. We’ve been working hard for many years to find even the smallest hazards and fix them. 

Obviously the better things get, the harder it is to find improvements. So this week we implemented a new initiative where everybody “downed tools” for an hour to focus on looking for potential safety improvements.

Its funny how our minds work. We get used to the environments where we work and live and don’t have to be there long before the little things around start becoming “invisible”.

Amazingly though, when we deliberately shift our attention and focus it, those invisible things start to become visible again. Its like a magic trick.

Not surprisingly then, our “Safety Focus Hour” yielded some great opportunities for improvement. Not huge things, but together they will help take us to the next level as a safer workplace. Try that at home!

Image: Freepik.com