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“Plan B” Matters

“Plan B” Matters

You might have heard about the two tourists who recently got lost on Cape York and only luckily managed to find their way to safety.

It reminded me how important it is to have a back up – a “Plan B” if you like – when the stakes are high. Those of us who work in industry know how important that is for safety.

It’s also important when it comes to a country’s energy supply. While there is an energy transition underway, we know it’s going to take time and face many challenges.

In the meantime, Australia relies on imports for over 90% of our fuels. What happens if those imports are disrupted?


I guess we all think first about our cars, but what about other vehicles: emergency vehicles; construction vehicles; agricultural and mining equipment; supermarket trucks; planes; ships; military hardware…the list goes on.

That’s why QER continues to work on development on Australia’s Fuel Plan B, right here in Gladstone.